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Lucas DeBard: Young man who loves the old songs of the Great American Songbook

18-year-old from Lebanon is the new Songbook Academy Youth Ambassador; tells Michael Feinstein stories

Lucas DeBard

Part of me wanted to have fun with Lucas DeBard when the Lebanon High grad visited our studio after winning the Songbook Academy competition at Carmel's Palladium.  I wanted to sing lines of a random song; "okay Lucas. 'I took a trip on a train, and I thought about you.'  Sing the next line for me, baby."  But I did not, first because it might have freaked him out and, secondly, I am not able to do the Sinatra thing and refer to another man as 'baby'. 

The acuity Mr. DeBard showed during his brief visit means he probably could have matched me song for song, so perhaps another time.  This is what won him the annual competition from Michael Feinstein's Great American Songbook Foundation to find a young person to help carry on his Songbook legacy...


His favorite singer is Mel Torme, a good vocal range match for the soon-to-be IU student.  We talk singing, songs, and Michael Feinstein's story-telling ability in the first of what I hope is several conversations.



Lucas is the first local winner of the annual Songbook Academy competition for young people! The 18-year-old learned to sing the greatest songs of all time from the best living interpreter of those songs - Michael Feinstein, and he gets to perform with Michael several times over the next year.

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