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SHEL: You Bet Your Bippy They Covered 'Enter Sandman', & Killed It!

Sister quartet back in Indy Tuesday for 1st time since a Happy Hour w/ISO 2 years ago

SHEL are sisters (left to right) Sarah, Eva, Liza and Hannah Holbrook (

"Holy (censored), that's Enter Sandman!"

The author, driving to WIBC, June 3, 2016 approx. 8:30am

The first time SHEL came to town to join my friends Time for Three for a Happy Hour with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, they were unwittingly the stars of my occasional series "Behind The Scenes with Time For Three."  Just listen to the first few minutes...


Beginning with another "Behind The Scenes" episode with the boys, the Artists In Residence with the ISO present their latest Happy Hour show with SHEL, four sisters who play a hybrid of bluegrass, rock, pop and other genres to form a sound that is their own. The show is Thursday (10/23) at the Hilbert Circle Theatre in Indy.


Somehow, nobody in Indy bothered to book this group of Colorado sisters (SHEL is an acronym for their first names) for a return visit in the two years that followed.  They did their thing, writing songs, doing shows, collaborating with Dave Stewart - best known as half of Eurythmics.  Don't we all collaborate with Eurythmics?  

That collaboration begat SHEL's new album 'Just Crazy Enough'.  Though to hear Eva Holbrook - frequently the lead vocalist - tell the story, it could have been called 'Four Weirdos.'  "We are bunch of weirdos, and Dave is a total weirdo," she told me.  "I don't think there's anything wrong with being a weirdo. You're exploring and not listening to any of the conventional rules about how you should or shouldn't do something.  You're just going for it."

So if you are familiar with SHEL's earlier work, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear the familiar sounds of string, piano and every percussion modulation on the planet intertwined with the sounds of Enya, Dave Matthews and - in SHEL's own way - Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.  "I mean, who knows, they might sue us. That would probably be the most exciting thing ever to happen to me," Eva said.

Don't worry - Lars is getting his royalities, so he doesn't have to resurrect his Napster speech - Google it, it's a fun one.

SHEL plays Tuesday night at The Hi Fi in Fountain Square, and if you buy a ticket in advance (which you can do HERE), you get a free CD of "Just Crazy Enough."  Enjoy my talk with Eva Holbrook, and go see them if you can.  You will love it.



How to define SHEL? Well, they covered Enter Sandman, with a mandolin, violin, keyboard and a percussion/beatbox specialist. Top that. Their entire new album, Just Crazy Enough, is crazily good. They play the Hifi at Indy's Fountain Square Tuesday night.

What's that saying about walking a mile in their shoes? So many have passed judgment without, I think, actually...
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