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2020 Democratic Candidate Doppelgängers

Elizabeth Warren found hers, but here's who would be a "celebrity look-alike"

2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren met her doppelgänger at a rally this week. 

50-year-old Stephanie Oyen is 50 years old and was mobbed at the Warren rally after people thought she was the candidate. 

From BBC:

"Ms Oyen, 50, started getting mistaken for the 70-year-old senator a few years ago, when she bought a similar pair of glasses.

"For the last two years it's been a somewhat humorous and very easy Halloween costume," she said.

She decided to wear the costume to Monday evening's rally at a liberal arts college, thinking everyone would be in on the joke.

"I thought they'd giggle a little bit, and obviously know that I'm not her," she said.

But as she approached the stage to get a better view, people started to swarm her, thinking she was about to make a speech."

Oyen neither confirmed nor denied if she was a descendant of Native Americans. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren and her doppelgänger at a Minnesota rally.

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Facebook | Getty Images

So, with the first of the 2020 candidates finding a lookalike, and before Kate McKinnon impersonates them all on SNL this fall, we wanted to find some doppelgängers for a few of the other candidates preparing to lose to Trump. 

Larry David = Bernie Sanders

Larry David looks exactly like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Speaking of SNL...this isn't the first time these two have been compared. This one was easy. The world felt the Bern in 2016 before his campaign was blown out and added to the #ClintonBodyCount. All the while, Larry David was getting the comparisons and portraying them in surprise cameos on Saturday Night Live

Keegan-Michael Key = Cory Booker

Keegan-Michael Key and 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The resemblance is uncanny. Michael Key even makes eerily similar facial expressions and voice tones as Booker when he played Obama's angry translator.


It's a perfect fit because there's no one better than Key to fill in for someone whose campaign is one big joke

The Kid Who Plays Young Sheldon = Pete Buttigieg

Actor who plays Young Sheldon and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Photo Credit: Getty Images

They both play really smart guys on TV, and they both look 12 years old. 

John Doe = Joe Biden

a funny skeleton and former Vice President Joe Biden

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The skin (bone) tone is almost identical. This very well could have been him if Hillary was running. A plus for the cadaver is that you wouldn't have to worry about it getting handsy due to lack of movement.

Horse = Beto O'Rourke 

A white horse and former Texas Representative Beto O'Rourke.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

What really catches the eye here is the mouth. Long, big, and protruding. The question is whether or not the horse can speak Spanish. If it could I'm sure - much like Robert - we would know. Also, it wouldn't be that big of an adjustment to hear yourself be called racist by another white horse's ass. 

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