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7 Legit Reasons #DDFB15 is the Only Place to be on Saturday

1. DDFB is the Biggest and the Best and it's FREE.

Donatos Downtown Freedom Blast has officially been named the LARGEST Fourth of July event in the State of Indiana! And it's FREE!



2. The Best View of the Best Fireworks.

The Indiana War Memorial has the absolute BEST view of the best fireworks show in the state. Click here to learn how you can snag a seat on the memorial and be a Fourth of July VIP!




No really... Donatos is delivering pizza to #DDFB15 non-stop, ever half hour, on Saturday, July 4th. Donatos is estimating that they're going to deliver at least 1,000 pizzas! Craving pizza now and can't wait til Saturday? Order online here.


4. Zambelli Fireworks are the Best in the Biz.

Zambelli Fireworks, our firework provider, is the same company that launches fireworks off at the White House and the infamous Thunder Over Louisville. They've been touted as the "First Family of Fireworks" and are said to have the most advanced, creative, and innovative pyrotechnics in the world. Zambelli has to lug approximately 11,500 lbs of equipment to the roof of Regions tower, and about 12,500 individual mortar firings will occur. 



5. It's a One of a Kind Experience.

Not only is Donatos Downtown Freedom Blast the largest Fourth of July event in Indiana, our show is one of the only displays in the nation shot from the top of a skyscraper! If you'd like to see what it's like to be on top of the Regions Tower during the Fireworks show, click here!


6. The Soundtrack. 

Choreographed shows take between 3-4 hours per minute of show to design. Our soundtrack is sent to Zambelli's offices in Pennsylvania in early April and they spend the next two months hand picking the fireworks to match our DDFB soundtrack, creating a truly custom experience for those listening and watching in Central Indiana. At 21 minutes and 18 seconds long, our Donatos Downtown Fireworks show took at least 84 hours to design. Tune in to B105.7, 1070 The Fan, 93.1 WIBC, or 97.1 Hank FM to hear the perfectly choreographed soundtrack during the show!



7. There's something for the whole family to do.

Whether you want your face painted at the Royal Pin Kids Area, jam out at the Indianapolis Colts Stage, thank and support our Veterans at the Military Area, or drink a couple beers in the Miller Coors Beer Garden...we've got you covered. We give you the family reunion without the hassle, and a darn good fireworks show.

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