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The COLD Hard Facts

If you're looking for a cold beer, you won't find one in an Indiana gas station or covenience store. Why? Because they only sell warm beer.

But a new campaign created by the state's convience store trade association is trying to change that, one signature at a time.

The campaign, CHILL Indiana, believes that business owners of C-stores across the state should have the same rights as liquor stores when it comes to selling chilled beer. CHILL Indiana says they are devoted to reforming alcohol laws in Indiana and urging Hoosiers to help in the effort by signing their petition.

CHILL Indiana said their goal is to continue to make their case until lawmakers "represent the people of Indiana the way they should."

So what're the COLD hard facts? Check out everything you need to know about C-stores and chilled beer below:

  1. Indiana is the only state that regulates beer based on temperature at the time of the sale
  2. Over 70% of all Hoosiers believe chilled beer should be sold wherever warm beer is
  3. No matter the demographic group – sex, religion, political philosophy, and age – all are in favor of cold beer sales
  4. C-stores are already allowed to sell chilled wine coolers and wine, which can contain more than double the alcohol content of beer
  5. C-stores are also allowed to sell chilled cider as long as it’s not brewed from barley
  6. C-stores are two times less likely to sell beers to minors than liquor stores
  7. C-stores are almost four times less likely to violate their alcohol liscense
  8. Liquor stores have the highest violation rate and are most likely to sell to minor, yet have the exclusive right to sell cold beer in Indiana
  9. CHILL Indiana said they are not asking the state to sell beer in unsafe environments or for special favors. They said they are asking the state’s laws to be reformed so they are considered fair and equitable to all Indiana’s retailers.

Want to know more? Check out CHILL Indiana.

If you want to support CHILL Indiana's campaign, sign their petition.

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