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Nobody Talks About Organ Donation


Photo courtesy of Indianapolis Motor Speedway

But Stefan Wilson, driver of the No. 25 Driven2SaveLives KVRT - Chevrolet, is.

On and off the track, IndyCar driver Justin Wilson was a hero. You may remember, last August, Justin died from injuries he sustained in a crash at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania.

On what was indubitably the hardest day of his family’s life, Justin's donation gave them an opportunity to focus on something postive. He had previously registered to become an organ donor and had discussed it with his wife. Justin was a hero to his loyal fans, his fellow drivers, his family and friends, and a hero to the five individuals who received his gift of life.


Growing up, Stefan Wilson dreamed of driving in the Indianapolis 500 alongside his brother, Justin. Now, not even a year after Justin’s death, Stefan’s dream is coming true.




“I always had the belief that I was going to be in the 100th Running, I just never anticipated that Justin wouldn’t be on the grid with me.”



Organ donation and transplantation is a complex topic. Driven2SaveLives offers a prime opportunity to look at the donation process. From becoming a donor to matching organs, and the national transplant wait list to transforming a life - there's no better time to share the truth about donation, and in turn, save more lives. 

“I’m thrilled to be partnered with the Indiana Donor Network and tell his story at the 100th Running… I wasn’t aware that Justin was an organ donor, it’s not something you really talk about or bring up in conversation.”


We’re here with Stefan and the Indiana Donor Network to get the conversation started.

Together, Stefan and the Indiana Donor Network hope to inspire 2,500 people across the United States to register their decision to donate through the #Driven2SaveLives Campaign. In Indiana alone, there are 1,500 people waiting for life-saving organ transplants. On average, 22 people die nationwide every day because a donated organ wasn't available in time. 


Learn about the donation process. Become a hero. Take 30 seconds to save a life. Click here to register to become a donor. 

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