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Happy Birthday, Betty! 9 Things Betty White is Older Than

Betty White turns 96 on January 17, 2018. She's been around a long time -- longer than many, many inventions. Here are 9 of them.

Everyone knows that Betty White is older than sliced bread, but she's older than a lot of other things, too! 

In celebration of Betty White's 96th birthday on January 17, join WIBC in taking a look at 9 things invented after Betty was born in 1922.

1. Betty was just two years old when facial tissues (AKA Kleenex) were thought up in 1924. They were originally marketed as a way to remove cold cream or makeup, not as a rag for runny noses.

2. A recipe for "Some More", better known as the s'more, was printed in a Girl Scout guidebook in 1927. At 96, Betty's probably had more than her fair share of these treats!

3. Work on Mount Rushmore started in 1927. By the time construction ended in October 1941, Betty had already appeared on an experimental TV station in L.A. and landed her first professional acting job.

4. Penicillin was discovered in 1928, when Betty was six. Dubbed the "wartime wonder drug", penicillin was made in huge batches in World War II and saved thousands, if not millions, of American lives.

5. How did people wrap gifts for Betty's seventh birthday? Not with Scotch Tape. It was introduced just in time for her eighth birthday in 1930. Before then, people could make their own tape at home.

6. Superman, the creation of two high school kids from Cleveland, first took flight in 1933. They sold Superman to DC Comics in 1938.

7. The Styrofoam Coffee Cup came along in 1947. By then, Betty was married to her second husband, Lane Allen, and had her own radio show, The Betty White Show.

8. When Betty joined the NBC sitcom Date with the Angels in 1957, Americans were gathering around the TV with a brand new invention: the TV dinner.

9. Betty isn't older than aspirin (it was being sold around the world by 1899), but she is older than ibuprofen, which was discovered in 1961. It didn't make it to the US until 1974.

(Photo by Vincent Sandoval/WireImage/Getty Images.)

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