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Here's What You Missed: Donut Day Indy 2019

June 7th marks National Donut Day, which means free donuts. But here in Indy, National Donut Day means competition... you still get free donuts though. Here's how the Donut Day Indy competition went down.


Hundreds gathered for Donut Day Indy on monument circle to see which donut and which shop would be crowned the best in central Indiana. Oh, and for free donuts.

The Salvation Army handed out Titus Bakery donuts as Tony Katz broadcasted the donut competiton.

The donuts were judged on three categories: apperance, texture and taste.



With over 15 bakeries participating and over 30 donut shop submissions for Voter's Choice, the judges didn't have an easy feat.



In order to combat the sugar rush, the judges were broken up into three panels.



Celeb Judges

-Liz Biro, Food and Dining Reporter at IndyStar

-Cindy Hawkins, Pastry Chef at Circle City Sweets

-Scot Pollard, Former Indianapolis Pacers player

-Andy Hearrell, Captain IFD

-Amber Hankins, WISH-TV's Indy Style


Emmis Judges

-Hammer & Nigel, WIBC

-Terri Stacy, WIBC

-Cara Denis, HANK FM

-Chris Wooldridge, HANK FM



-Erin Fredrick Snowden, United States Marine Corps

-Amber Scott, United States Navy

-J.Stewart Goodwin, Brig Gen, USAF

-Joe Devito, United States Coast Guard

-Felicia Brokaw, United States Army

-Paris Island, United States Marine Corps


After a 40-minute taste test deliberation, the panels found their winners. 

Senator Todd Young joined TK to announce the best Hoosier donut and shop. And by the looks of it, he had a blast.



Best Specialty: Donut Central

Best Yeast: General American Donut Company

Veteran's Choice: Rebellion Doughnuts

Voter's Choice: Knead The Dough Bakery



Did you miss out on the fun or want to re-live that sugar high? Here's a little run down, courtesy of Twitter: 


We hope to see you at next year's #DonutDayIndy! 

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