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Summer Is Over In NYC, BUT NOT INDY

The fall shadows have fallen upon New York City, but we're still soaking in the sun in the circle city.

Federico Parra | Getty Images

The Big Apple got hit with some Saturday scaries over the weekend. 

Summer is over. 

That's a good ol' kick in the pants, NY1.  An hour ago the summer solstice was here, and it was dark until 10:30 seemingly every night. 

But on Saturday every salmon-shorts-wearing-works-in-finance Tucker whose Dad runs his own firm had to take a break from vaping to check his personal, not business, iPhone 10x only to see that tonight marked the end of summer, and the yacht party would have to end early. 

Tough break for Tucker. 

Sure, summer doesn't technically end until September 21. But if school is in session and the sun is setting before 8 p.m. then've got yourself some fall, my friends. 

Not in the Heartland, though. Indianapolis will keep soaking up the sun past 8 p.m. for another month, according to

September 12th will be the first time since March 23rd that the sun will set before 8 p.m. in the Circle City. 

Once that happens we'll officially know it's time to put back the swim suit, grab the pumpkin scented candles, your best hoodie sweatshirts, and get ready for our annual three days of fall. 

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