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Top SOTU Tweets from TK's Twitter Takeover


Tony Katz took over our Twitter for the State of the Union last night. And well... let's just say it was very entertaining and full of great insight. Check out the highlights below!




 How can we remain calm, when you're Tony Katz?



And... who knew TK was a Game of Thrones fan? WINTER IS COMING! (Well, technically it's already here).



Okay but can we talk about TK's gif selection here? Nailed it.



Pictures or it didn't happen.



Hey Tony, maybe give the guy some pointers? We know thick, lustrous hair is important.



Circling up to the second tweet... UPDATE: Katz IS a Game of Thrones fan.



This. Just this.



This gif says it all, TK. 



So does this mean he'll be on the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?!



It sure does, TK.



If so, can she help me with mine? 



 Happy Birthday, Judah!



First thoughts of the TK Twitter takeover - This was amazing. Not just good, but great. And possibly, if not definitely, the best Twitter takeover in a generation. 

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