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[WATCH] Mitt Romney Blow Out Birthday Candles One-By-One

Utah Senator Mitt Romney has an interesting way blowing out birthday candles

Utah Senator Mitt Romney celebrated his 72nd birthday this week, and was surprised by his staff with a birthday cake made up of his "favorite snack" - Twinkies.

Although it may have seemed like your average, totally normal birthday celebration in the work place, what followed was a little different... or how one Twitter user described it, "bizarre".

You see, usually when someone gets a birthday cake they blow out all the candles at once - but that's not how Senator Romney rolls.

"These are all wishes I'm getting," Romney said as he picked up every candle - individually - brought them to his lips, and blew them out one by one. The staff should be glad they didn't put a candle on for each year.



Now this may not be a big deal - I mean it is just candles - but you have to admit, it's a little weird. And with this being social media, there was quite a bit of feedback and joke-making.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:



Following the birthday candle debate, Romney told TMZ that the reason behind blowing out the candles one by one was actually quite simple: he had a cold.

"I didn't want to spray my germs all over the Twinkies for everybody else to eat," he said.

Plus, who wouldn't want all those extra wishes?

"It was a two-for".

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