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8 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Here it is… the heat you begged for in winter!

Now you're doing everything in your power to keep yourself and your house at a reasonable temp—your AC filter is clean, the blinds are closed during the hottest part of the day—and you’re still sweating and uncomfortable?



1 - Cotton Sheets. Even though you love your silky sheets, you need to put them to rest in the closet for now. Other sheets retain heat, but cotton can breathe and stays cooler. Same goes for clothing!


2 - Run your wrists under cold water. An oldie but goodie! Run cold water in your sink and stick the inside of your wrists under it or put an ice cube directly on that area. Blood vessels are close to the surface on your wrist, so the cold will bring your body temp down quicker.


3 - Don’t exhaust your AC unit, take care of your body temp first. Although hopping into a cold shower might sound tempting, turn that knob to the red side a bit… your body will just want to generate MORE heat after a cold shower.


4 - Drinking a hot beverage in heat isn’t as crazy as you think. When it’s not-so-humid, a hot drink might cool you down. You’re either telling yourself A) that’s insane and doesn’t make sense or B) FINALLY, someone agrees with me! Sure, drinking a hot drink increases the body heat load, but it responds by sweating, and when the sweat evaporates from the skin, it cools us down.


5 - Vary the temperature of the water you’re drinking. Cold water cools down the body and room temp water is absorbed faster which hydrates you. Alternate the two if you can, but no mater what… drink water!


6 - Turn off the lights. Light bulbs emit heat. Take advantage of the natural light that lasts until 9pm in the summer! Bonus: It’s a win-win—no lights, less energy, less on your monthly bill!


7 - Ditch the boring, regular, sweat-soaked towel. Consider investing $10 in the Cooling Towel. When wet, it’s considerably cooler then the outside air, plus you can re-wet it and it will be cool again within minutes! 


8 – Put your moisturizer in the fridge! You read that correctly! Your skin can stay soft, hydrated, AND cool! It might even help to get some After Sun Lotion to give your skin some extra help.


Keep your AC unit functioning at top speed! Schedule an appointment with someone you can count on—an American Standard Heating & Cooling Dealer.


Don't forget about your pets! Get them a self-cooling mat for when they come inside from the heat!

A nice pool day doesn't hurt either...

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