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What Happens If It Rains At The Indy 500?

Here's what goes down if the weather doesn't cooperate for race day

Photo Credit: Robert Laberge / Getty Images

The weather is not looking the best for the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday.

In fact, the forecast is calling for thunderstorms throughout the day. According to WISH-TV, there's a 60% chance of scattered thunderstorms throughout the day. So what does that mean for the "Greatest Spectacle In Racing"?

Here's a few options:

Complete Postponement of the Race

If the weather starts out terrible in the morning and doesn't seem to have a chance of clearing up, the IMS will move the race completely to Monday. If the weather is still a total wash on Monday, it'll be moved to Tuesday.

The last time there was a complete postponement of the race was in 1997. The race has only been postponed entirely two other times - once in 1915 and once in 1986.


Partial Postponement of the Race

The race has only been partially postponed twice - in 1967 after the race was rained out after 18 laps, and another in 1973 after a first-lap accident with Salt Walther that forced the red flag. It rained following that and the race couldn't be restarted.

The Indy 500 will begin as normal on Sunday, but if it happens to rain during the race, it will be delayed or postponed until Monday.


Rain-Shortened Race

However, if the race does get off to a great start but the weather turns weary, as long as the drivers have completed 101 laps, the race will be considered over.

According to the IMS, there have been a total of seven rain-shortned races in the entire Indy 500 history. Dario Frnachitti won the last shortened race in 2007 with 166 laps completed.


Let's all cross our fingers and hope mother nature holds out on the rain for race day.

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