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Woman Sentenced to 55 Years fo Murder Plot

A woman convicted of hiring a teenager to kill her best friend's husband was sentenced Tuesday to 55 years in prison.

Linda Shimer, 55, was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the killing of Brett Dobbins. The 44-year-old was gunned down Aug. 10 outside his home in Eden, 20 miles east of Indianapolis.

Authorities said Shimer offered a Cadillac to Kenneth Kelly, 19, in exchange for killing Dobbins.

Kelly, who testified against Shimer, pleaded guilty to murder and is serving a 55-year sentence. His girlfriend, Jennifer Brundage, 18, who drove him to Dobbins' home on the day of the shooting, is serving an eight-year sentence for assisting a criminal.

Shimer maintained her innocence during her sentencing hearing but acknowledged that she felt "a sense of responsibility" for what Kelly and Brundage had done.

"Without my involvement I believe this never would have happened," she said. "However, there was never any intent on my part for this to happen."

Prosecutors said Shimer had a "volcanic hate" for Dobbins, the husband of her best friend, Nancy Dobbins.

Nancy Dobbins, who attended the hearing, did not speak and declined comment afterward.

The victim's family was comfortable with the sentence but would not be completely satisfied until Shimer "takes her last breath in prison," said Lezlie Filson, a spokeswoman for the family.