World of Whack

In India, a boy was made to marry a dog to ward off evil spirts. Wait, what?
In Estonia, you can take the literal definition of a shortcut to get to your destintaion, but only if you are willing to drive on frozen water.
I've never truly understood these anyway, but adding insult to injury is how I would think of this situation.
Even though she has dropped from the main stage to the undercard debate, people still love themselves some Carly Fiorina.
I'm all for old wives' tales being successful in curing ailments, but this is taking things way too far.
We love when callers leave us voicemails! We can't get to everyone's calls on the air, so whenever we hear something we enjoy, we like to be able to play it back for you! If you have anything you would like to tell us, call us at 684-8444!
They pretty much tortured the poor thing as they tied it to a bottle.