World of Whack

Chewbacca was just trying to gain support for his candidate, but law enforcement was having none of it.
Of course China would want to take something so cute and fuzzy and make them completely ridiculous. Why can't they leave popcorn/Frito feet alone?
We have Producer Will try the Southern Biscuits and Gravy potato chips live on the air to prove to the world how they taste!
I get that you enjoy your smaller vehicle getting you around from place to place, and that's fine, except when you want to ride by elephants who are not big fans of your machine and the noise it makes. That's when you get into altercations with animals who could easily crush you...
In today's world of pushing to be more healthy, the McDonald's in China aren't doing anything to make their readily available food more appealing, at least in terms of appearance.
An employee who was fired from Fiat for watching porn during his lunch break just got the decision overturned. Talk about an enjoyable time of day.
What would you do if your child didn't want to go to work? Well, I'm sure you wouldn't put them in chains like this Chinese mother has.
Apparently, some people are becoming quite aroused by Bernie Sanders, and I'm not talking about them rallying around what he has to say. Nope, that kind of aroused. Gross, right? And why would you sue one of your own family members, especially when all they did was HUG YOU?
That's right. The latest bullying craze in China just so happens to be shoving fellow flight attendants into the overhead compartments on planes. Because China.