World of Whack

Donald Trump found a woman who truely, deeply loves him as a candidate for president. And just like him, she is absolutely crazy.
I have no idea what they were thinking when they closed 30 of the 50 lanes on a Chinese national highway, but it didn't end well. Oh, they weren't thinking? Right, because China.
How in the heck can this be a real thing? Oh yeah, it happened in CHINA.
Just because your boyfriend stands you up, that does not give you the right to hold a hotel worker hostage.
I get enjoying street vendors for fun things, but ear cleaning? That seems dangerous if not done by a doctor. But I would freak out if I found a spider living in my ear.
I thought we had learned from Norman Bates, but apparently cashing benefit checks is more important than getting rid of the bad smell in your apartment. And for whatever reason, children can no longer play tag to "ensuring physical and emotional safety of all students". Wait,...
I have plenty of teeth to chew my raw fish, I don't need anymore! And we all know parents have to be just a little bit crazy, but this single mom is really out there.
I get that people can really love their cars, but this is going just a bit too far. But not as far as China, where you can take a class on dating, but if you want to pass, you better find someone to actually date!
So there's this new disorder about the desire to the muscular, but taking it to the extreme. I get wanting to be in shape, but some of the people out there just look unhealthy... Also, Jerry Springer has been on the air for 25 years. That's a long time to make money off of "...