World of Whack

Nurses have to remove a rat from a newborn's incubator, and a firm in Japan is hiring "cute guys" to wipe the tears of woman who have had stressful days.
Roxy is pretty hungry, and Chinese employees are paying homage to their employers.
I get it, geese are mean, but I would much rather have my loyal dog to protect me than a bird. And somebody tell China to stop trying to tell us what to do, because as we know, they are all sorts of wack.
Chinese women believe that if you slowly stare longer and longer at the sun, it will provide you with all the sustenance they need without eating food. I just think they will end up going blind, but that's just me.
So China continues to be wack (was there any doubt?) and is now holding luxury funerals for your pets. Yes, you read that right. Luxury. Funerals.
A man in Serbia has created a prototype that supposedly increases the size of a woman's bust... by vibrating. Wait, what?
Because why not try and show off how flexible you are? And don't scream too hard, you may dislocate your jaw.
We're talkin' poop, ya'll. Someone crazy guy held it wayyy too long, and ended up needing to get his poop removed via SURGERY!!
A Chinese tech company is offering the job perk of "programming cheerleaders" to employees in an effort to increase morale and productivity. Those are the things it increases? If you say so.