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If you prefer a political site that is more buttoned-up than a miniskirt, we’re probably not for you. We like snark, we like to have fun, and our site reflects that. We don’t claim to be journalists or political experts or economists or anything other than two cool chicks who like to tell people what we think about stuff. In other words, what you’ll read is our opinions on today’s political news, culture, and the media.

Except that instead of being served up all newsy and serious, it’ll sound more like you’ve just sat down for cocktails with us, after shopping for shoes. We welcome liberals and conservatives alike to join in the discussion, and encourage lively but civil discourse. You’re even welcome to use words like “target” and “crosshairs” when you comment, and we won’t call you a terrorist or anything...



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Chicks on the Right
(Aurora Rose/Getty Images) Well, praise the Lord! The fine people of Hollywood, USA are making their voices heard...
Chicks on the Right
(stevanovicigor/Getty Images) The Chicks on the Right are cyberstalking Eric Trump. It's started innocently enough...
Chicks on the Right
(A screenshot from Soph's now-removed video © YouTube / Gamer Felonies) God bless the people of Buzzfeed “News”...
Chicks on the Right
(NICHOLAS KAMM / Staff/Getty Images) In South Carolina, 2020 presidential candidate, former vice president, and...
Chicks on the Right
(NurPhoto/Getty Images) Should Facebook and other social media platforms be regulated by the Federal government as...