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Changes Brought On By Pandemic Has High School Swim Team Practicing Outside

INDIANAPOLIS — Last year they got to use the indoor pool at Noblesville High School, but the pandemic has Guerin Catholic High School’s swim team swimming outside since it cut off access to Noblesville’s pool.

The team now practices at the Forest Park outdoor pool, but the 30 high-school swimmers are making the most of it.

“Honestly, I kind of like it,” said Aaron Cradick, a senior at Guerin. “I know it will certainly be memories down the road and obviously it is a new experience. I have not had too much trouble staying warm or anything like that. It’s quite nice, the outside temperature might be cold, but the water is certainly warm enough.”

They don’t have a pool at their school, meaning they’ve had to pay to practice at different pools through the years, but because of the pandemic, many public high schools have restricted the use of their pools, or the times available. Luckily, the Forest Park pool is heated.

“The air is nice because normally in an indoor pool the air quality is pretty bad, so I like being outside getting fresh air,” said swimmer Erica Hunckler talking with WISH-TV.

Another swimmer, Grant Bricking, said that he likes being outside being he thinks it makes you tougher.

“I think growing together as a team outside has really helped.”

As the colder months come in the team does have a plan to practice at an indoor pool in Indianapolis.


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