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PHOTO: Purdue University

14 Purdue University Students Suspended for Violating School’s Coronavirus Policy

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.– 14 Purdue University students were suspended for violating the “Protect Purdue Pledge.” That’s the school’s policy that states students should not host or attend large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. If they do, they are subject to disciplinary action.

Katie Sermersheim, associate vice provost and dean of students, said the suspensions were issued shortly after the administration found out the students were having a party in a residence hall Saturday, September 26.

13 of the 14 students are out-of-season student-athletes. The students have until Wednesday to vacate their residence hall and may file an appeal.

“This virus continues to be the demise of many universities and academic pursuits,” she said. “The majority of our students are behaving admirably in following the Pledge and helping protect the Purdue community. For that, we are grateful, but we cannot let our guard down and must hold those who violate our community standards accountable,” said Sermersheim.

Purdue President Mitch Daniels also discussed the suspensions.

“On one hand, we are glad to have had only two of this type of incident in six weeks, but we will deal with any such violation with firmness. The fact that this episode involved student-athletes can make no difference. At Purdue, we have one set of rules for everyone,” said Daniels.


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