Democratic gubernatorial nominee Woody Myers
(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

Myers Calls for Reviving Bar and Restaurant Limits, Charges Holcomb “Froze”

(INDIANAPOLIS) — Democrats’ nominee for governor is accusing Governor Holcomb of “freezing” in the fight against coronavirus.

Indiana’s number and rate of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are soaring — the state has set
new single-day case records three times in the last week, and is averaging 70% more cases a
day than when Holcomb lifted capacity limits on bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. Former state health commissioner Woody Myers charges Holcomb is doing nothing to reverse the trend.

Holcomb should bring back the capacity limits he lifted three weeks ago, and some counties should
close bars and clubs outright. And he says the state needs to start enforcing its mask order. He says a lack of consequences for defying the order sends the message that the mask requirement, and the
pandemic itself, aren’t serious.

Myers acknowledges there are “hardheaded Hoosiers” who will refuse to wear masks, but compares
the issue to Indiana’s seat belt law or restrictions on smoking. He notes both met fierce resistance but are now accepted as commonplace.

Holcomb says he’ll reevaluate the lifting of capacity restrictions again next week, but says the
explosion of new cases has mainly come not from bars, but from family gatherings where people refuse to wear masks or observe social distancing. Myers contends that’s irrelevant. He says the coronavirus will spread anywhere it has the opportunity, and the state needs to use the levers it has to limit those opportunities.

Myers says the Indiana State Department of Health’s warning that three of its 10 regions are seeing
critical shortages of intensive-care space and staff should set off alarm bells that the state needs to do more.


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