I-465 Sucks

I-465 Has Closed Again

My ancestors used to spin a yarn for the youngsters. They said lighting a candle in a dark bathroom and chanting “I-465 sucks” three times would summon a paver that would flatten you. Legend goes, do it in tongues and you’ll immaculately conceive a traffic cone (it doesn’t birth by natural means, again according to legend).

I never tried it because these were smart people. Well read. Why take the chance?

Even then I-465 sucked, and it sucks big time this month because it’s closing blah blah blah southeast side blah blah blah Friday night blah blah two weeks etcetera. We’re good at this, being our fourteenth or something interstate closure this summer, but let’s dig in anyways in the name of preparedness. There are also several ramps being worked on during the closure period, because it’s the season of pain and suffering, apparently. 

Roll ‘em up and belts on. Here we go.


Friday night (9/6), all westbound/southbound lanes of I-465 on the southeast side closed from I-65 to I-70 for just over two weeks. The interstate is scheduled to reopen on Saturday, September 21st, at 11:59pm

I-465 Closure

This is a full restoration project, including repaving, resurfacing, cleaning drains, and fixing guard rails. All corresponding ramps shutdown, and be especially weary of what’s happening at Southeastern Ave and I-74. 


This one snuck up on us when I-465 closed last month, and caused quite the inconvenience for commuters attempting to reroute on the southeast side. Unfortunately, it’s also very much in play again during this round of maintenance. Check it out:

Southeastern Ramp Closures

Access is restricted between Southeastern Ave. and I-465 and I-74 during the southbound/westbound closure. This includes:

  • Closed the bridge from Southeastern Ave. to eastbound I-74. 
  • Closed the bridge from westbound I-74 to Southeastern Ave.
  • Closed the ramp from northbound I-465 to Southeastern Ave.
  • Closed the ramp from Southeastern Ave. to northbound I-465
  • Closed the ramp from Southeastern Ave. to southbound I-465

Again, everything is scheduled to reopen on Saturday, September 21st at 11:59pm.


We need another way around, and the Indiana Department of Transportation’s (INDOT) official detour has east side traffic using westbound I-70 into the north split, then exiting south on I-65/70 to continue through downtown to I-465.

For those staying off the interstates, expect well traveled north-south streets like Mitthoefer Rd, Post Rd, Franklin Rd, Shadeland Ave, Arlington Ave, and Sherman Dr. to carry more traffic than usual. Same with east-west streets like Southport Rd, Thompson Rd, Raymond St, English Ave./Brookville Rd, Washington St, 10th St, 21st St, 30th St, 38th St, and 56th St.

With a full closure like this, leave early and give yourself plenty of time to feel out your reroute. As always, the traffic will get pushed somewhere.


(For Weekend Beginning 9/6/19)

Lane Closures

  • Westbound I-465 from Keystone Ave. to College Ave.

          Two lanes open

          Friday 7pm to Monday 6am

  • Southbound I-465 from U.S. 36/S.R. 67 (Pendleton Pike) to I-70

          Two lanes open

          Friday 9pm to September 14th

  • Eastbound I-465 from I-865 to U.S. 31 (Meridian St.) 

          One lane open 

          Friday 8pm to Sunday 6am

  • Northbound and Southbound I-65 from Little Eagle Creek to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. (Exit 117) (northwest side)

          Two lanes open in each direction

          Now through October 3rd 

  • Eastbound and Westbound I-865 from I-465 to I-65

          One lane open in each direction

          Now through October 9th

Ramp Closures 

  • Southbound I-69 to Eastbound I-465

          Friday 9pm to Saturday 6pm


Capitol Ave.

We pumped out a Red Line traffic blog last week, complete with a “heads up” on the new and apparently hazardous lane configurations on Capitol Ave. Considering this is brand new to Indy and a little weird, let’s review how to handle Capitol Ave. in the Red Line zone – from 18th St. to Maryland St. – when turning on to and from the southbound one way. 

Capitol Ave. used to be one-hundred percent southbound traffic, but that’s not the case anymore. Two “bus only” lanes have been added, and one is a northbound lane. The new lane configuration places the northbound bus lane in the far left lane, a southbound bus lane in the left-center lane, and vehicular traffic in the remaining lanes to the right:

Capitol Cars

This causes an issue for drivers merging with southbound traffic on Capitol, especially from intersections without a stop light. Both bus lanes have to be clear, as well as southbound vehicular traffic. 

A safe merge is demonstrated here:

It’s also trickier turning from Capitol Ave. into a parking garage. We merge left after clearing the southbound bus lane, then turn into the garage when the northbound lane is also clear of buses. 


This last week – also the first week of Red Line operation – has been clear of any Capitol catastrophy, but it’s still beneficial to keep the changes at the forefront when navigating one of Indy’s busiest streets.

Construction season is starting to wind down, but INDOT may have another major project in store for us beore the snow starts to fall. We’re paying attention. In the meantime, come hang out @WIBCTraffic or “like” us on Facebook. We’re a great catch, as the ladies say!

Be safe. Be well.


Matt Bair is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic.. Fans of Facebook can “like” WIBC Traffic for the latest traffic happenings and occasional frivolity. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397

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