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Carb Day Concert Will Go On, Practice a Priority If There is Rain

IMS president says they are planning, just in case

SPEEDWAY, Ind.--The concert will go on at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today, unless there is lightening or strong winds. Doug Boles, president of IMS, said yesterday at a news conference on health and safety that the priority is getting in an hour of practice.

"Freedom 100 we will get in if we can. It's just difficult to push that into Saturday because that will cause us to make some significant changes," he said.

Meteorologist Todd Klaassen predicted there could be some isolated storms, but said he did not expect any severe weather.

Boles said that if there is a storm at the track, the priority would be to get in at least 30 minutes of green light time. He said his team would have further planning meetings, if need be.

There is a chance of isolated storms on race day Sunday, but Klaassen predicted that the race would happen before the peak time for any rain.

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