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Attacks in Spain: Info on Suspects, Attacks Through the Country

The attacks weren't only in Barcelona

(CNN) -- The Spanish region of Catalonia has been rattled by two terror attacks and an explosion over three days, in what authorities are treating as a trio of linked incidents.

Three men have been arrested, but the driver of the deadliest attack -- a van ramming in Barcelona, which killed 13 people -- is still at large.

Of the men arrested, one is Moroccan and another is from Spain's North African enclave of Melilla, Reuters reports.

Here's what we know so far:

Friday: Cambrils

  • In the early hours of Friday morning, five armed attackers drive through a crowd of people in the town of Cambrils, 75 miles southwest of Barcelona.
  • One person killed and six others injured, including one police officer.
  • Police engage in a shootout with the attackers and kill all five.
  • The attackers were wearing fake suicide belts.

Thursday: Barcelona

  • A white van plows into pedestrians at around 5 p.m. on Las Ramblas, the city's busiest tourist promenade.
  • At least 13 people are killed and more than 100 injured in the country's deadliest attack since the 2004 Madrid bombings.
  • The driver of the van flees on foot and is believed to be still at large.
  • People from at least 24 countries are among the injured, according to officials. A Belgian is among the 13 people dead.
  • A second van, believed to be linked to the Barcelona van, is found in Vic, a town 43 miles from Barcelona, Reuters reported.
  • A driver runs over two police officers at a security checkpoint, causing them minor injuries. It is unclear whether this is terrorism-related.
  • Two suspects are arrested in the towns of Ripoll and Alcanar, but neither are the driver of the Barcelona van.
  • ISIS claims the Barcelona attack through its media wing, but offers no evidence supporting the claim.

Wednesday: Alcanar

  • Just after 11 p.m., the fire brigade is alerted to an explosion in a house in Alcanar, a city about 100 miles southwest of Barcelona.
  • One person is confirmed killed and seven others are injured.
  • Officials have not confirmed the cause of the explosion.
  • Police say the victim killed is a Spanish national and was not on police radar.
  • Officials say the house collapsed completely and caused serious damage to the façade of the house next door.
  • Of the three people arrested so far, one was detained in Alcanar and the other two in Ripoll.

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