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Man Accused of Mowing Down Toronto Pedestrians Charged With Murder

Alek Minassian is accused of running people down with a rented van on Monday, killing 10 and injuring more than a dozen others.

TORONTO -- Alek Minassian, the man suspected of plowing into pedestrians with a van Monday, was charged Tuesday with 10 counts of first-degree murder in a Toronto court.

The 25-year-old is also charged with 13 counts of attempted murder.

Minassian, who was wearing a white jumpsuit with his hands cuffed behind him, appeared attentive during the brief hearing. His next court appearance will be a bail hearing on May 10.

Investigators are still trying to determine the motive behind the attack, which left 10 people dead and 15 hurt.

"Obviously all Canadians continue and will continue to have questions about why this happened, what could possibly be the motive behind it," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday.

So far, officials aren't calling the attack an act of terrorism. "There would appear to be no national security connection," Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said.

But Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said "it's very clear just from a general perspective to say that the actions definitely look deliberate."

The van sped down a busy street Monday with reckless abandon, swerving into the wrong lanes of traffic and careening onto a sidewalk.

Minassian was arrested in a white rental van less than 30 minutes after police received a 911 call, Saunders said.

He said Toronto authorities hadn't had previous contact with the 25-year-old suspect. But a US law enforcement official with knowledge of the matter said Minassian was known to authorities.

(Photo by Cole Bursten/Getty Images via CNN.)

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