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More Indy Homeless Shelter Space On Standby

Advocates are trying to get the homeless into city shelters. 

Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development Human Services Grant Manager Julie Fidler says given the frigid cold, they're on standby to house dozens of additional homeless people.  Fidler says numerous city departments including IMPD and EMS are canvassing homeless camps across the county.  She says their goal is to get hundreds of people into shelters and out of the extreme cold. 

During the polar vortex last winter, Fidler says Horizon House was on standby to house an additional 85 people if needed and they are again right now.  She says in the event people refuse to go to shelters, they make sure they have the supplies they need.  Things like drinkable water, blankets, etc.  Fidler says the city has enough shelter space - enough for more than 900 - and she doesn't think they'll need to enact any further emergency procedures.  However, she says they're ready if needed. 

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