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Angie’s List May Grow Again

INDIANAPOLIS–When Angie’s List was bought by Home Advisor ten months ago, some people in the business world doubted whether the company would grow again. Now the chief product officer of ANGI Home Services, the new company created by the merger of the two, says he believes Angie’s List will not only grow again, but will continue to be part of Indiana’s business landscape.

“We merged the companies just about ten months agao now, and we were always optimistic about what that could create,” said CPO Brandon Ridenour, talking to Inside Indiana Business. “After ten months…we’re more optimistic about the potential for Angie’s List and the future for Angie’s List, than we have been at any time up to this point.”

One reason is that people are turning more to online companies for home services. 

“Bringing Angie’s List and Home Advisor together under one roof has made the company a lot larger, without a doubt,” said Ridenour.

Home Advisor is headquartered in Colorado. By putting the two together, Anggie’s List now has a presence in Denver and in Indianapolis, with a new headquarters downtown.

“And, we’re investing in both of those locations. Heavily,” said Ridenour.

He said the goal is to focus on growing Angie’s List again. Ridenour said there are several indicators that is already happening.

“We’re making investments today we think are going to lead to that coming to fruition. That includes multiple locations here. We have jobs that we’re recruiting for in a ton of departments.”

He said the new headquarters should make it clear that the new company is committed to Indianapolis.

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis


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