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Barring Circumstances: AG Extends Operation Legend In Indy

INDIANAPOLIS — At the beginning of the month, it was announced that Operation Legend would be staying in Indianapolis indefinitely to try to crack down on gun violence.

It originally was only meant to last 45 days.

On Thursday, United States Attorney General William Barr said that when he was attorney general in 1991 and 1992 crime was at an all-time high in our country. But, they went after the violent offenders with strong laws and law enforcement, and over 25 years the crime went down.

However, he said that over the last few months violent crime has been going up, and Indianapolis has been no exception.

“We’re about 54 murders up from where we were this time last year,” said IMPD Chief Randal Taylor. “So, Project Legend I know is helping us in combating those numbers.

Barr said they’ve increased the number of federal agents by more than 1,000 in each of the nine cities where they’re partnered with local police departments. They’ve also put in more money to pay for task force officers, and more police in those cities.

“We’ve had excellent results that I think demonstrates, once again, that violent crime can be addressed if we have the will to do it,” said Barr. “If we have the will to target the shooters and get them off the streets we can drive this violence down.”

He said in just a couple of months they’ve had 5500 arrests in the nine cities.

In Indianapolis specifically, 65 people have been charged with federal crimes:

  • 10 people have been charged with narcotics-related offenses
  • 46 people have been charged with firearms-related offenses
  • 9 people have been charged with other violent crimes.

“It’s the principal duty of government to protect citizens, protect the lives of citizens, and to address violent crime.”


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