Carmel City Hall
(Photo by Alexei Stiop/Thinkstock.)

Carmel City Hall to Remain Closed to Public; Mayor Brainard Urges Coronavirus Precautions

CARMEL, Ind. — As the number of coronavirus cases in Carmel and Hamilton County continues to rise, Mayor Brainard has extended the closure of Carmel City Hall until further notice.

In Hamilton County, 48 people have died of coronavirus in the last 50 days.

“We must remain diligent in our fight against this disease as our hospitals fill with people suffering from COVID-19. This is not the time to relax our standards. We need to limit our social interactions,” said Mayor Brainard.

“It is very tempting with Thanksgiving just around the corner to think that celebrating together with family or a small group of friends is harmless. Our data shows that the opposite is true. It is the in-home gatherings that are causing the increase in COVID cases and deaths. The sacrifices we make now can save the lives of loved ones so that you can celebrate for many more years to come. We need to remain resolute in our determination to protect our community for a little while longer,” Mayor Brainard continued.

Mayor Brainard will continue to closely monitor the situation and determine if City Hall can safely be reopened to the public in the coming months. In the meantime, all city services will continue and meetings will be held virtually unless specifically noted otherwise.


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