police cars at Skateland

Woman Shot At Her Own Family, Hit Little Girl At West Side Skating Rink

INDIANAPOLIS — Police are getting a better understanding of what may have led to a shooting after a birthday party — that injured a five-year-old girl on the west side of Indy on Saturday.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of Skateland, near 38th Street and I-465. According to a Facebook post from the skating rink, a woman fired shots at members of her own family with whom she had been arguing for at least a year.

The bullets hit the little girl as she was sitting in a car. She’s doing okay. Police say they know who the woman who fired the shots is, but no arrests have been made yet.

The full statements from Skateland:

“Two women were driving out of our parking lot yesterday afternoon after attending a child’s birthday party. They fired shots out of their car window as they were exiting the lot, at their own family members who they had been arguing with for at least a year. One of the bullets hit one of the children in the car in the leg, an innocent 5-year -old girl. We are so happy to have received reports that the child is doing ok. We apologize to the guests that were kept in our facility for a short time following the incident but we are glad that there were no other families in the lot at the time it happened. We also apologize to those that could not come skating last night. We wanted to give detectives the time they needed to investigate the incident. We will continue to do our part in diligently working with the detectives to make sure justice is served for this family.”Still nothing more from police.”


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