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Community Health Network Establishes Police Department

INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a new police department in town.

Community Health Network has established its very own police department. The department will be staffed by 60 officers, with former Greenfield Chief of Police John Jester serving as the new police chief of Community Health’s police department.

“We’re going to have citizens that are proud of it, we’re going to have visitors that are proud of it, we’re going to have patients that are proud of it, but most importantly for me, I want this to be a program that our caregivers are proud of,” Jester said in a video posted to Community Health Network’s Facebook page.

Jester continued, “[A program] that they have confidence in, they know we’re here to protect them, they know that we’re here to provide them with a safe environment, they have enough trust to come to us when there is an issue, and trust that we will handle that issue appropriately.”

The department will patrol all of Community Health Network’s nearly 200 sites.

Community Health Network is the latest Hoosier hospital system to establish its own police department. In 2013, Indiana joined dozens of other states in passing a law allowing hospitals to create their own police force.


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