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DeKalb Corrections Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself During Training Exercise

AUBURN, Ind.–A DeKalb County Community Corrections employee accidentally shot himself in the leg during a training exercise Monday, say police. 

Investigators say Quentin Young, 35, accidentally discharged a semi-automatic pistol during that exercise shortly after 7 Monday morning at the Auburn Police Department Training Center.

Staff members at the scene applied a tourniquet and gave Young first aid until the Auburn Fire Department and medics from DeKalb Health arrived. 

Young was transported to Parkview Regional Medical Center at Fort Wayne, where he was treated and released. 

Young has been an employee of Dekalb County Community Corrections for five years and is currently the department’s pretrial services coordinator. 

It’s unclear at this time if Young will face any charges or discipline. 

(PHOTO: Thinkstock/Marian Vejcik/Getty Images) 


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