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Democratic Leader: Honor Ginsburg By Voting

STATE WIDE–Hoosiers should honor Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by voting, said John Zody, the chairman of the state Denocratic Party. He also said it’s a shame that Indiana is one of a few states that does not allow no-excuse absentee voting.

“It would be great if our state would get off the list of one of just four states that haven’t expanded vote by mail for this fall election,” said Zody.

LISTEN: State Democratic Party Chairman John Zody talks voting

He said that Ginsburg was a champion for the right to vote and that voting in this election would be the best way to pay respects.

“Ballots are starting to be sent out to people and so voting is starting to happen,” he said. Zody said that not being able to vote by mail without an excuse makes it tougher for Hoosiers who don’t want to go to polling places. He said it would be tough now for the Holcomb administration to change its mind.

“As the days tick by here it’s even less of a chance. I think that’s disappointing. I think it’s hypocritical.”

Zody said state Democrats are encouraging as many people as they can to vote by mail, though you must have a valid reason to do it. He said they’re also making sure that people know where to go vote in person.

“If they’re not able to vote by mail…then look at the 28 days prior to the election to early vote at the clerk’s office.”


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