A female reticulated giraffe calf named Makena nuzzles the leg of her much taller mother, Takasa.

Indianapolis Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a new “zoo baby” at the Indianapolis Zoo!

A female reticulated giraffe named Makena was born at the Zoo on Feb. 11. She’s the first female calf born at the Zoo since 2000.

Makena, whose name means “happy one” or “abundance” in Swahili, weighed 134 pounds and stood about six feet tall at birth. 

Zookeepers describe Makena as spirited, curious, and adventurous. She has been busy exploring her surroundings, but she never strays too far from watchful mom Takasa.

The Zoo says you can expect to see Makena and the rest of the giraffe herd this spring.

Want to learn more about Makena and the other Zoo Babies? Click here to visit the Zoo’s website. 

(Photo provided by the Indianapolis Zoo.)


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