Ring-tailed lemur Teagan cuddles one of her newborn babies at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Indianapolis Zoo Welcomes Ring-Tailed Lemur Twins



INDIANAPOLIS — The ring-tailed lemur troop at the Indianapolis Zoo has grown by two!

Mom Teagan gave birth to healthy twins on May 7.

The arrival of twins is a special occasion, as most ring-tailed lemurs give birth to a single infant, according to the Zoo.

At least one of the babies is an adventurous male. He seems to be a bit more independent than his sibling, who has so far been sticking close to mom, according to zookeepers.

The Zoo says Teagan is a caring and attentive mother to her newborns. The twins can often be seen clinging to Teagan as she moves around the lemur habitat, although zookeepers have already seen the babies playing together while mom watches closely.

You can see the new family in the lemur habitat in the Forests area of the Zoo.

The ring-tailed lemur twins aren’t the only babies at the Indianapolis Zoo! 

The first “Zoo Baby” of 2019, a white-handed handed gibbon, was born Jan. 8.

A female reticulated giraffe named Makena was born Feb. 11.

(Photo provided by the Indianapolis Zoo.)


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