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Indy Pride Leaders Want To Help Make Employment Opportunities More Inclusive

INDIANAPOLIS — Indy Pride, Inc.’s goal is to help make employment opportunities more inclusive with a series of career support events before their annual career fair kicks off on Oct. 6.

“A lot of LGBTQ+ people have to make the choice of when they come out to their employers or risk not getting the job,” said Tiffany Hanson, director of marketing at Indy Pride, Inc.

Hanson told WISH-TV that Indianapolis is making progress when it comes to inclusive hiring practices and that they were really excited that the Supreme Court ruled LGBTQ+ people are protected under the civil rights act.

The ruling offered protections to millions of workers nationwide.

Loren Baran, who runs the LGBTQ Employee Resource Group at GEICO Indianapolis, says inclusion matters and helps people be more productive because people tend to spend more time at work than at home, and if you’re going to be productive you need to be yourself.

“To put up a picture of my wife and not feel like someone is going to be like, ‘why’ or ‘that’s not appropriate,’” said Baran.

Indy Pride, Inc. says the career fair is virtual this year, but it’s one of the most important. Hanson said that a lot of people have lost their jobs or had to pivot career paths because of the pandemic, so she says Indy Prince, Inc. wants to make sure they have the new skills to succeed.

People have to register for both the career support events and the career fair, which will have interviews with several Indianapolis companies like GEICO, Delta Faucet Company, and Fifth Third Bank.

To register you can click here.


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