Car fire at Insurance Auto Auctions

Large Fire Destroys Over Three Dozen Cars At South Side Car Auction Lot

INDIANAPOLIS — A large plume of smoke was seen billowing into the air on the south side of Indianapolis early Wednesday morning.

The smoke was coming from Insurance Auto Auctions along Harding Street on the southeast side. Firefighters were called shortly before 2:00 a.m. and arrived to find around 40 cars on fire.

Firefighters struggled to find a water source in order to start putting out the flames at first, but once they were able to get that figured out they started putting out the fire.

As they were doing so car horns started going off and forklifts had to be brought in to try and save any of the car near the fire that could be saved.

IFD investigators have not said anything about how the fire started, but IFD battalion chief Rita Reith says that other business owners nearby think that the fire may have started due to a lightning strike from last nights round of storms that moved through the metro area.


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