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Libertarian Gov Candidate Rainwater: “We Want to Put Money Back in Your Pocket”

INDIANAPOLIS–The government works at its best when it is securing our rights and not when it is taking them away, says Donald Rainwater, Libertarian candidate for Indiana governor.

Rainwater is facing Republican incumbent governor Eric Holcomb and Democratic candidate Woody Myers in the November election.

“The government should allow us to make our own choices as to how we live out our destiny,” said Rainwater in an interview with 93 WIBC’s Tony Katz Wednesday morning. “We have allowed ourselves to give up our self-rule to a group of elites who believe they can better tell us how to live our lives than we do.”

If elected, Rainwater promises to “put more money back in your pocket.”

“To do that, we have to reduce the size and scope of state government. We have to sit down and find the members of the General Assembly who are like-minded with us and work with them to build a consensus,” said Rainwater. “I am not constrained by the concept of partisanship or bipartisanship. I can, and will, promote from day one the concept of nonpartisanship.”

Katz asked Rainwater about his views on Governor Holcomb’s current mask mandate.

“I am in the camp of not mandating wearing a mask because I believe Hoosiers’ healthcare decisions should be made by them, not the government. I believe there is a fine line between government doing that which protects the citizens from force or fraud and the government saying, ‘Well, we’ve looked at the data, so we’re going to mandate that you go do this,” said Rainwater.

Holcomb’s mask mandate is supposed to run through October 17. Rainwater gave an example of what he thinks is a valid form of government.

“If we want to have a set of regulations that apply equally to everybody such as food quality or sanitation, I believe that is a valid form of government. I want to make absolutely certain that government regulations protect individual rights, but do not create unfair monopolies for large corporations or for special interests that impede the Hoosier citizen from participating in the free market,” said Rainwater.

Rainwater believes in occupational licensing reform.

“The government should have a limited role in deciding who can enter into a particular occupational field or business. If individual occupations want to create an association where they privately certify their members and the individuals want to be a part of that association, that is a decision that people need to be able to make for themselves instead of the government telling them who can get into a certain occupation and who cannot,” said Rainwater.

Rainwater says he has a little more than $80,000 available for campaign spending.

There are two gubernatorial debates set for this month. The first one will be October 20 and the second is scheduled for October 27. They will both be put on by the Indiana Debate Commission.

Rainwater is a lifelong Hoosier and a 1981 graduate of Warren Central High School in Indianapolis. After high school, he spent eight years in the U.S. Navy and went on to manage several small businesses before going into computers and becoming a software engineer. He’s worked for a few corporations, and is now self-employed, living with his wife in Westfield.

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