Long wait line in Marion County for Early Voting
Photo: WISH-TV

Long Lines At The Polls As Over A Million Hoosiers Have Voted Early

STATEWIDE — The importance of this year’s presidential election along with the coronavirus pandemic are just some of the many reasons driving people to cast their ballot early ahead of Election Day on Nov. 3.

With exactly one week to go until Election Day early voting has already broken records, whether it be early in-person voting or voting by mail or absentee.

In Marion County, voters reported standing in line for over six hours in order to vote early in person. Russell Hollis with the Marion County Clerks Office tells WISH-TV that at their early voting location at the Indianapolis City-County Building and other satellite locations the lines were wrapped around the buildings.

“We have express vote touch screen voting machines at all of our polling locations and we do position them so voters are not facing each other and that they are six feet apart,” Hollis said. “We are limited on the number of machines we can have at polling sites primarily because of social distancing.”

Fewer voting machines mean longer wait times, says Hollis.

“We are close to maxed out with respect to the number of machines we can add at other sites,” he added. “We did add more on Sunday and we saw smaller wait times, but ultimately it was just a sea of voters that flocked to all of our voting sites on Sunday.”

Around 15,000 people voted early just this past weekend alone. Nearly 100,000 people who live in Marion County have requested to vote by mail.

In Evansville, there are around 130,000 registered voters. Of those voters, around 30,000 have already voted early. In St. Joseph County a little over 42,000 Hoosiers have voted early with over 21,000 of those people having voted absentee.

In all, according to the Secretary of State Connie Lawson’s office, nearly 560,000 people in Indiana have voted by mail. It’s estimated that over a million Hoosier have already cast their ballots


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