Pete Buttigieg wooing voters in South Bend

Mayor Pete’s Problem: Some People Don’t Know Who He Is

INDIANAPOLIS--Do you know who Mayor Pete is? What if he’s referred to as Pete Buttigieg? Even though the Democrat mayor of South Bend is running for president and has made the rounds on late night TV and the debates, over a quarter of the people in Marion County don’t know who he is or anything about him, says a new poll from Mason Strategies.

The poll of likely voters in Marion County, considered a Democrat stronghold, show 28 percent of the people surveyed had no opinion or did not know who Buttigieg was.

LINK: The Indy Politics article and Mason Strategies poll

That means he may have a lot of name recognition problems with voters if he wants to pass front runners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

The poll of 400 people says 41 percent have a favorable or somewhat favorable opinion. Another 28 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

When the poll was broken down into Democrats and Republicans, the people in Buttigieg’s own party had some name recognition problems. About 24 percent did not know who he was. 

Buttigieg has a favorable rating of only 36 percent of African-Americans polled, and 41 percent had no opinion or had not heard of him.

PHOTO: Pete Buttigieg on Twitter


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