Allie, a chocolate lab in a red vest.

Meet Allie: IMPD’s New Therapy Dog

INDIANAPOLIS — Allie, the chocolate Labrador, is the Indy Metro Police Department’s first full-time therapy dog.

Robert Turner with IMPD told WISH-TV that Allie will join the wellness unit, which means her job will be to help bring comfort and unconditional love to officers and their families. 

“What we’re here with our unit for is to try to help people understand that it’s OK we’re officers, but it’s OK that we are dealing with things and this is how we can better ourselves by letting it go,” said Turner.

Allie is expected to be sworn in and operational by the end of March, but right now the 5-month-old retriever is training at Ultimate Canine, an organization that trains therapy, service and police dogs.

Ultimate Canine owner Julie Case says that in Allie’s training she not only learns basic commands but how to tolerate high levels of stress by being exposed to various distractions.

“There’re times when these puppies have to focus and allow a child to read a book to them and that might take like 30 minutes and the dog must lay calmly and be there for them.”

(Photo: IMPD Twitter)


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