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Police: St. Louis and Delphi Cases Have Some Similarities

DELPHI, Ind.— Investigators working the Delphi double homicide investigation have been in contact with police in St. Louis after a woman there was killed at a religious supplies store. 

But, officers in both Missouri and Indiana said it’s way too early to make a connection between the cases, but police in Missouri said there were some similarities. 

Thomas Bruce, 53, of Imperial, Missouri, is charged with 17 counts, including murder, sodomy and attempted sodomy in the St. Louis case. Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said Bruce forced three women into a back room at the Catholic Supply store. He was armed with a gun and told the women to strip. 

When one woman would not comply with his demands, investigators said Bruce shot her in the head. 

Police said he then raped the other women. 

“Murder in the first degree carries a potential death sentence,” said McCulloch. “The kidnappings are all class A felonies, carrying up to life in prison.”

Before Bruce’s arrest Wednesday and because of what police in St. Louis call “some similarities,” officers reached out about the murders in Delphi of two teenage girls in February 2017. 

“I hope that it’s not him. I really do hope because he’s the most friendliest neighbor,” said one of Bruce’s neighbors. “I feel a little safer driving around knowing that he’s caught,” said another.

According to St. Louis police, they looked at a couple of other cases for connections as well.

WISH TV contributed to this report.

PHOTO: St. Louis PD booking


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