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Police Use of Force Review Board Will Include Citizens

INDIANAPOLIS–A new board made up of police officers and citizens will determine whether an Indianapolis Metro Police officer was in policy in usi8ng force. IMPD Chief Randal Taylor announced the new “Use of Force Review Board” Friday.

The board will not recommend discipline for officers. That is up to the chief. But, it will make the determination of whether that officer was in department policy when using a taser, a gun, or having a physical fight with someone.

When the Use of Force Review Board is ready to review incidents, it will replace the Firearms Review Board, and will conduct a mandatory hearing for any use of deadly force against a person, said a news release from the police department.

The Use of Force Review Board will be made up of merit-ranked officers as well as regular citizens, with a makeup as follows:

The captain of the IMPD Training Academy
One lieutenant appointed by the Deputy Chief of Oversight, Audit, and Performance
One peer officer assigned to the division of the officer(s) involved in the event, but not in the same branch or district, to be appointed by the assistant chief
One officer nominated by majority vote of the sworn members of the department
Two civilian members nominated by the mayor of Indianapolis
Three civilian members nominated by the president of the City-County Council

The citizens must not have been employed by a police department in the past, nr can they have any immediate family members who are police. They also cannot be convicted felons and must be trained on all the rules and regs of the department.

“The Use of Force Review Board will bring civilians into the room as we evaluate officer use of force, helping us to better understand our community’s expectations for how we serve. We are committed to transparency, continued adjustments in our policies and training as they are needed, and accountability to our community,” said Chief Taylor.


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