Three suspects in the White County murder of two brothers.
(Photo by WISH-TV.)

Three Charged With Murder of Two Brothers in White County

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WISH) — A woman and her boyfriend from Monon and another man from Lafayette have been charged with the murders of two brothers last week in Wolcott, according to documents provided by the White County Prosecutor’s Office.

Daniel Benyon, 24, and Mathew Benyon, 20, were found dead Oct. 22 in a home in the 300 block of Range Street in downtown Wolcott.

Breann Cobb, 20, her boyfriend, Marlin Seay, 19, and Dorian Hale Jr., 19, were each charged Wednesday in White Superior Court with two counts of murder, according to online court documents.

Cobb and Seay told police they had went to the Benyon home after 4:30 p.m. Oct. 21 to purchase marijuana. An iPhone, which Cobb said she’d left at the Benyon home, contained notes that indicated she, Seay and another man planned to rob the Benyons. Photos on her phone show Seay holding various firearms, including a gun that matches the one used in the shooting of the Benyons.

White County Deputy Erik Janke said in court documents, “This officer believes there is probable cause to conclude that Breann Cobb, Martin Seay and Dorian Hale arrived at the Benyon residence to commit robbery and that in the course of the event, Daniel L. Banyon & Mathew E. Benyon were shot multiple times” and murdered.

Online court documents did not show an attorney or any future court dates for Cobb, Seay or Hale.

Wolcott is a town of more than 950 about 65 miles northwest of Indianapolis.


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