new CT luggage scanner at Indianapolis International Airport (Berman/WIBC)

TSA Says New Scanners Should Speed Security Lines

(INDIANAPOLIS) – A new 3-D baggage scanner at Indianapolis International Airport is one of the first of its kind, and could get you through the security line faster.

Indy is one of the first 15 airports in the country to CT scan your bags. The 3-D imagery allows TSA officers to view the items in your bag from all angles without having to take anything out — the computerized images allow a virtual image of the item being lifted, moved, and otherwise repositioned.

The airport’s 12 X-ray scanners remain in use, but if you go through the CT line instead, you won’t have to remove your laptop from its bag — the computer can inspect it without taking it out. Federal security director Aaron Batt says the new scanner is expected to process an extra 50 bags an hour, though the TSA will be tracking data at Indianapolis for the first month to see how fast the line moves and how accurately the machines perform. The agency plans to install the machines in 145 airports by next fall.

The technology is already used to scan bags at baggage claim, but the machines were too large to fit into airport security areas. A new generation of scanners is smaller and can fit more easily. 

You’ll still have to remove any liquids from your bag for visual inspection.

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)


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