Blue police lights flashing in the night. (Photo Chalabala/Thinkstock)

Two Indianapolis Men Facing Gun Charges

INDIANAPOLIS — Two Indianapolis men are accused of having guns when they shouldn’t have had them.

Marvin Graves, 22, and Dominque Jones, 31, are both facing gun charges, said U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler. 

On Dec. 23, Graves went into a convenience store, left and then drove away. Indy Metro Police tried to pull Graves over, who was wanted for a parole violation and armed robbery. Graves got out of the car while it was still moving, and ran away.

Police said while he was running he was holding his waistband.

Graves didn’t have a gun on him when he was arrested, but a witness told police they saw him throw away something black. 

Then on Jan. 3, IMPD was searching a home where Jones was staying. Jones told police he had a gun in the home and marijuana in his car. He and a boy were taken into custody.

(Photo Chalabala/Thinkstock)


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