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Veteran Gets Bronze Star, Young’s Office Says They Can Help

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Some people who have served in the military, gone through hell for their country, have never gotten their ribbons and medals. Sen. Todd Young said his office has a team that is helping veterans get their medals and benefits.

“Awarding the ribbons and medals to veterans and their families is important not only to the veterans themselves, it’s important to all those who have served and sacrificed, it’s important to the next generation of military service members and veterans to know that we honor their service,” said Young.

“So, one of the things our office does is we’re able to obtain those medals. In fact, I recently obtained a Bronze Star and gave that to a veteran,” said Young.

The man who got that Bronze Star is Vietnam veteran George Miller, of Mooreland in Henry County. Miller served as a track commander with Troop L, 3D Squadron, 11th Armored Calvary Regiment.

“It’s really special. I can’t say how special it really is. This office is working hard,” said Miller in the video.

Miller’s regiment took gunfire unexpectedly while they were shaving and getting cleaned up. He said the ensuing fire fight left him with memories that he sometimes can’t talk about.

“We have a whole team of individuals whose focus is making sure our veterans get the benefits they deserve, and the respect, and the appreciation which they have earned. And we take great pride in that in our office,” said Young.

Young’s office offers services to help veterans with VA benefits, locating military records, receiving missing or replacement service medals, and much more. If you or someone you know needs help navigating the federal government, you can visit Young.Senate.Gov/Help

PHOTO: Todd Young’s video


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