A photo of Taylor Brown, veteran Indiana broadcaster

Veteran Indiana Broadcaster Taylor Brown Dies

INDIANAPOLIS--Veteran Indiana Broadcaster Taylor Brown died Thursday. 

Brown started his career at WBTO in Linton when he was 15. At the time, he was believed to have been the youngest DJ in America. Brown worked in Las Vegas and several cities across Indiana. He once dated Nancy Sinatra, was a military veteran, and also worked on-air while serving in the military.

He worked at radio stations WBOW and WVTS in Terre Haute as well as WNDI in Sullivan. Brown was also the morning news anchor on WTWO-TV at one point. His most recent stint was as News Director at WAMW in Washington until he retired in 2010. 

Brown was known by his colleagues and listeners for having a distinct, familiar voice with a terrific sense of humor. 

Brown died Thursday at a hospital in Indianapolis after falling at his home. He was 79. 



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