An 11-Year-Old National Go-Kart Champion Is Driving For Dyslexia


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An 11-Year-Old National Go-Kart Champion Is Driving For Dyslexia

Elliot Cox has a goal to become the youngest winner of the Indianapolis 500, but first he's overcoming and raising awareness for dyslexia.

INDIANAPOLIS -- He's only 11, but a national and regional go-kart champion from Indiana already has his goal set on becoming the youngest winner of the Indianapolis 500.

However, that's not all Elliot Cox wants to do. He's also working on raising awareness for dyslexia, something he's learning to overcome.

With his love for driving, he started the Driving for Dyslexia event. The event helps raise awareness about dyslexia and collects money to help children with dyslexia learn to read.

"I started this after I met Justin Wilson through the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana and wanted to carry on his legacy," Cox told WIBC's Tony Katz. 

According to Cox, having dyslexia is more than just a switched letter here and there.

"There's spaces where there's not supposed to be spaces, and then where there's supposed to be spaces there's not," Cox said, "and other times it just looks like there's just an ocean of letters."

Cox says that when he starts reading, it's almost perfect. But, when he reads for longer periods of time, he starts to have trouble.

He told Tony Katz that he got tested for dyslexia and worked with tutors for about a year.

Now, he's not only one of the fastest racers on the track in his age group, he's also one of the fastest readers in his class. 

One place Cox has never had trouble is on the race track.

He's won national, regional, and local go-karting championships. He says it isn't about going fast for him; it's about passing people to win.

So, if you meet him on the track at the Driving for Dyslexia event on Friday at Speedway Indoor Karting, you may want to check your rearview mirror--or ask for his autograph at the end.

(Photo: Driving for Dyslexia website)

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